A road to succes in my bussines

my age is now 27 years old, the age that could be said should have been thinking about estabilished in all things, especially financially. But for me it is still far from reality. this is not a problem for me. I try to be grateful for all what the god give to me. Includes has provided tremendous courage to start a business. Businesses that transport me to a variety of experiences, a variety of life lessons, and of course with a million problems therein.

An online business making custom clothing for sports costumes, a venture that require me to involved with many people both supplier and buyer. Starting from a community site I sell my first service. With no capital at all just take advantage of opportunities in between my job as a intenet shop operator. It is amazing with no capital can generate millions of money. Yes but it is an ideal condition that could have happened to me. But not as easy as imagined we must work with a lot of people with diverse characters. I will describe to you how the complexity of doing business as Midle persons like me:

1. buyer's characters

buyer has a lot of characters, from the pleasant to the exceptional character of buyers will make you very busy. Natural thing in online business. Buyer full consideration to starting an online business because of rampant fraud through the internet. So this will make them very suspicious when you are late to respond to inquiries or calls from them. If not careful - they will give a negative response for you and will probably make you lose customers. The point is we do have to serve them with no time limit. Sometimes when you are sleeping, they do not hesitate to send sms to you just to ask how their orders. for them you are just machines like computers where you have to be ready whenever they need information.

2. suppliers Character

This effort was initially run without a penny of capital even though in the end I had to open and work on some parts of the job in my home. Suppliers have a variety of ways that sometimes make you as a foolguy or being touted by buyers as a result of an almost perfect workmanship.
Rely on them to work on our buyer's order is not an easy job, there are advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is you do not need to think about many things related to the production process of your order, you just need to sit tight while occasionally ask about your order via sms or telephone, as your buyers usually do to you. Simple but not easy as imagined. The disadvantage is that you can't see firsthand how the work was done so you will late to respond buyer questions.
Sometime i always be injured by the supplier, who missed appointments, product specifications are wrong, and everything has always been something that I often experienced, and as a result I have to be
ready to accept a reprimand and request a refund of the buyer due to the mistakes done by your supplier. This causes the business is not profitable and leading to losses due to the burden of existing debt. Suppliers sometimes do not care about what happens between us and our buyers, for them we are the buyers of them but strangely they do not want to compensate us if something goes wrong product specifications. They do not custumer satisfaction oriented, just money oriented, hard to find a supplier that really - really understand what you want.

Many of the experiences that we can get it from this business, many joys and sorrows. We must believe if we stay determined and focused then we will surely achieve success here. Hope remains always excitement and optimism to face all the problems that exist. Maybe the story is nothing for you before you try to do it yourself and feel the incredible thrill.

May be useful for those of you who will start doing online business

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